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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chapter 2 is Here


Darian, after his long, sleepless night, made his way to the mess hall. Breakfast had stopped being served an hour before he got up, but he could still grab some coffee to awaken himself. The encampment that had been called home by many for many years was similar to other encampments. A few tents surrounded by a chain link fence. Thought in the year spent here, a platoon of feet had walked similar paths, and roads lead from one tent to another.

Upon entering the mess hall, Darian noticed three young privates were the only ones in there. One of them looked up at him, and his face almost lit up in joy.

The boy was average height, with almost pale skin, considering that they were in the desert. He seemed eager to meet Darian. Once he made his way to Darian, he stood at attention. "Private Nichols reporting for duty, sir."

"At ease, private," Nichols lowered his hand, but he still stood erect, "Now, what is with the formalities?"

Nichols look confused. "Sir, weren't you told? You're leading us on our mission."

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, that's right. Forgive me, I was never told who my team was. Alright, well, I think the best thing to do first would be to meet the others and learn their specialties."

"Right away, sir!" Nichols lead me to the others. One was a large, burly black man. The other a small man with glasses, who was playing with a combat knife. "These are privates Johnson," he gestured towards the black man, "and Altec." and gestured towards the bespectacled boy.

"'Sup," said Johnson. Altec just mumbled something that sounded like a "'Lo"

"Lively bunch, aren't we?" Darian joked, aiming it at Altec.

"Don't doubt him," Nichols whispered into his ear, "He may look like a slacker, but he's a tactical genius, and I've never seen someone handle a knife like him."

Darian nodded at this, then turned towards Johnson. "So, what are your specialties?"

"'Splosives, mostly. But I'm good at crackin' heads too, if that's what you mean."

"Mhmm... And what about you, Nichols?"

Nichols perked up, "Me? Oh, I'm just a sniper. A sniper that graduated top of his class. You know, nothing special."

"Yes, well, once you men are ready, we'll..."

"Uh, sir," Nichols interrupted, "Not meaning to interrupt, or anything, but we've been ready for hours. We're waiting on you."

The surprised look on Darian's face was no where near enough to express his astonishment at how late he had slept, but he accepted this nonetheless. "Oh, alright then. Well, let's move out.

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