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Kongregate Avatars

I have begun to make avatars for the game site Kongregate ( ) and have decided to post any unused avatars here. You may also ask me for a custom made avatar. So look around, find something you'd like, just credit me if anyone asks where you got it.

The first batch will be Skeletons. Yes, the undead shall invade Kong!

Skeleton Defender (Hoplite)
Skeleton Hoplite

Skeleton w/ Mace
Skeleton mace

Skeleton Archer
Skeleton Archer

Skeletal Dragon
Skeletal Dragon

Skeleton Warrior

Skeleton Standard Bearer

Skeleton Hero (Heavy)

Saturday May 22, 2010
A new batch of avatars. This time, I bring you orcs! Brutish, angry, raging orcs.

Orc Warrior (Makeshift ax)
Orc Warrior

What's an army without a Standard Bearer?
Orc Standard Bearer

We always need a maul.
Orc Berserker

The skeletons may have a copper mace, but the Orc have a spiked club!
Orc w/ Mace

And we always need a leader. So why not a warlord?
Orc Warlord

Wednesday, May 26 2010
I have a few updates for you. The first is a triple triple (yes, two triples, that isn't a typo) offer. Three bands of three elvish mercenaries, with masks!

Red Band is first. They're kind of a jack-of-all-trades gang.

The Green Band is next. A bit more tribal, so their weapons, at least, are something that you'd expect of a... well, tribe. They are also Drow (purple skin)

Last of these is the Blue Band. An all-female band.

Now, I wasn't planning on releasing these, but I had a change of heart. It's sort of a desert soldier kind of thing, and it's my first serious attempt using guns.

First is an animated image. Marching, in fact.

The next is not animated, but it's still pretty nice. It's the same generic soldier mounted on a lizard like thing. (all of these soldiers will look the same, they're generic [The lizard is an edit of a chocobo sprite I have. Can you see the resemblance?])

Last actually involves the rifle. This one is not animated either, but it's still a decent one.

From this point on, all images will be uploaded with